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A. Activity
Searching source or book of related to mathematics history entitling, mathematics Yunani after Euclid , Comprehending content of the book the, Result from that report is study about Mathematics yunani after Euclid.
B. Result of
Mathematics Yunani after Euclid
1. History Background
Town Iskandaria have many many especial, and which do not generate the coveting is the existence of very peace of lama.Selama of governance of dynasty ptolomeus, that goes on during hamper 300 year, the town free from in and also from outside.
glorious Konstantian is first emperor romawi embrace the Christian religion and he express that immeasurable of Christian is religion which resmi.Pada year 330, onstantin remove capital of from Roma to Byzantium, what is called by konstantinopel.Pada year 395, empire romawi divided to become two that is empire of east and west and yunani enter part of east.
Economic structure from that two empire in the first place didasrkan at agriculture by using similar slave belian.Keadaan energy generate the illiquidity of original erudite job/activity and idea which downhill productive gradually stand-out especially in west shares, because there slavery done by besar-besaran.Pasaran is slave start downhill, causing the destruction of downhill economics Romawi.Maka science until storey;level which evanescent biasa.Madzab iskandaria with destruction of ancient society 2.

2. Archimedes
One of the biggest mathematician as long as epoch and definitive in former epoch is Archimedes, aborigin Syracusa, Greek in island Sicilia.Ia borne at 287SM danmeninggal on the happening of robbery in town Syracusa by people yunani at 212 SM. He Astronomical putra expert and he represent the people looked into by eye of king Heron from Syracusa.Ada history saying that he stop by some times [in] mesir, likely enough [in] university Iskandaria, because among its friends is referred by Conon, Dositeus, and eratostenes.Dua of first person is substitution Euclides and which terkhir is a University Iibrarian .historian of Nation Romawi continue the story withdrawing from very famous Archimedes of adalh of[is description of sophisticated appliance [is] which is planned to do maintain the Syracusa to siege conducted by General of Romawi marcelus
Archimedes of many doing geometry by hence painting - painting which is making at ash or oil- oil [used up/finished] bath which is [in] usapkannya of its badannya.Menurut story is he die at the time of happened by the robbery of its Syracusa attention time [is] poured at one particular diagram drawn above basin of pasir.Ada story expressing that Archimedes mamarintahkan [of] [at] a soldier Romawi which rob [so that/ to be] backing from the diagram and that robber become to fulminate then jab the that old fellow body by using lance.
Masterpiece - masterpiece Arkhimedes represent the excellent masterpiece in mathematics growth and many menyerupi article in magazine modern.Karya - that masterpiece [is] done careful considerably and solid presentation and show the authenticity, cleverness menghitung.Kira-kira [of] there [is] sepuloh brochure which come up with the us and many bundles which hilang.Mungkin once smallest contribution in this masterpiece to mathematics [is] growth [of] early from some ways from integral calculation.
Three from Archimedes masterpiece study the that area datar.Karya-karya geometry [is] radian measurement, kuadratur [of] [at] parabola and first spiral.Pada masterpiece [of] Archimedes introduce the way of classical in second perhitungan.Dalam masterpiece indicating that wide [of] parabola segment [is] 4 / 3 from wide [of] trilateral in which [is] same memilika pallet and top dot which lay in [by] dot with the parallel tangent by alas.Karya [is] third load 28 theorem [regarding/ hit] the nature of bent line which [is] nowadays recognized by spiral [is] Archimedes and having polar equation [of] r = wide [of] k?.khususnya limited with that bent line and two radius have been found by which is on in essence look like what will be [done/conducted] these days with calculus.
A writer arab express that Archimedes [is] inventor from very famous formula that is Two among Archimedes masterpiece [of] about gometri three dimension [is] about ball and cylinder and also about concoid and spheroid.Pada bodywork written down [by] dalan du book loading 60 theorem [of] there are theorem giving wide [of] ball with one pallet and fill the ball with one alas.Dalam book two there are problem [of] about ball bisection become two shares with the content [of] according to the content tertentu.Soal bear a[n cubic equation [is] which its resolving [is] not given in brochure which have come up with the us, but met by euterus from a fragment of Archimedes.Terdapat solution [of] about conditions which diperukan [of] a[n cube [of] [so that/ to be] having real root and the positif.Tinjauan [do] not there are in Europe mathematics [of] during more than a thousand this tahun.Risalah [is] terminated with two theorem draw that is:
1. If and representing content and wide [of] from a ball which dibelah by a area non-diametral, v and s of is including the lion's share, hence

From all unsure-unsur of ball have pallet one having wide is same area, having biggest content ball cleft.
Archimedes write two short brochure [is] which interact to [regarding/ hit] the mathematics, but one among others have existing hilang.Karangan entitle the Sand Reckener shown [at] Eelon, prince heron and use the system mathematics to express the big number to find the highest boundary to amount of sand item to fill a ball with its center under the sun with the tired radius [of] sun.
There [is] two Archimedes composition which nowadays there [is] still that is hitting mathematics terapan, [is] about mathematics of area balance and about object float the 3. Eratostenes
Eratostenes come from Cyrena, coastal [of] middle sea south and only some years more young from its[his] young Archimedes.Masa [is] he live in the Athena and [at] age [of] about 40 year asked by Ptolomeus III from Egypt [of] [so that/ to be] coming to iskandaria to educate the putranya and to work as library head [in] university.
Eratostenes have a gift for in all science branch from zamannya.Menurut anticipation [of] some people, this is cause he [is] nicknamed the " beta".Ia [is] notable atlet, enchanter, astronomer, geodesy, most erudite and matematika.Hasilnya history [is] about earth measurement.
In mathematics of[is name of eratostenes referred [as] [by] referring to way of to find all prime number which besarya less than a[n composite number tertentu.Bilangan-bilangan in that sequence [is] filtered by scoring out, every third number after 3, all fifth number after 5, then all seventh number after 7, hereinafter eleventh number after 11 and so on 4. Prime number
Prime number represent the building base used to make all reached especial integer lainnya.Hasil [of] ancient time [is] verification Euclid, that prima amount [is] takterhingga and filter Eratostenes to find all prime number [of] below/under certain integer n.
Way of practical to test the primalitas [is] from big number not yet been known, and effort needed in testing certain special number [is] very besar.Selama 75 biggest number year [is] which have been proved [by] as prime number [is] number by 39 [is] number given by mathematician of prancis Antolo Lucas in the year 1876.Pada year 1952, machine EDSAC [in] Cambridge, inggris prove the primalitas from very big number ( 79 angka).180?(2^127-1)?^2+1 and since then other digital computer have proved the primalitas from number 2^n-1 remarkable [is] level of for the n of= 521,607,1279,2203,2281,3217,4253, and 4423.
A desire from number theorist is to find the function f(n) for the integer of positive [of] n will only yield the number - prime number and concevutive prime number that got by contain the different prime number in number which takberhingga.Dengan that way f(n)=n^2-n+41 yield the prime number to each;every n<41 [of] except f(41)=?(41)?^2 representing composite number.
Prime number have been specified by Lejeune Dirichlet ( 1805-1059) able to indicate that each;every deret aritmatika a, a+ad, a+3d …. By a and d [is] prime number [of] relative contain the prime number in number tek till.
According to perception Golbach, each;every even integer except 2 can be expressed [by] as amount from two number prima.Dengan that way 4=2+2, 6=3+3, 8=5+3,….,16=13+3,…. And so on

From result which have been elaborated [by] hence inferential that :
Mathematics have been studied [by] since llama even pre-christian in the year,
Pre-Christian in the year have borne the very bright mathematics,
Mathematics finding by pre-christian mathematics in the year in the reality [do] not fail with the mathematics finding [of] [at] to the present day study the science and technological rapidly grow,
Archimedes have found the formula to [count/calculate] wide [of] trilateral measured third [is] its side,
Arkhimedes succeed to write the book entitling Sand Reckener,
Archimedes write down about mathematics terapan [of] about area balance and about object float the
marked Matematikawan Yangbernam eratostenes in all kinds of ilnu knowledge
In the field of aritmatika , Aristoteles have found the sumua prime number

Source Of:
Howard Eves, 1964.An Introduction to the history of mathematic

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