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A. Antecedent
Pythagoras born in island Samos, South Greek about 580 SM ( Pre-Christian). He are well-traveled to Babylon, Egypt and estimated have reached India. In Babylon, above all, Pythagoras braid the [relation/link] with the mathematician. After llama explore the isle, Pythagoras leave the its birth land;ground and move to Crotona, Italian. Estimated by Pythagoras have seen 7 world miracle ( ancient), where one of them temple Hera which is located in its birth town. Pythagoras leave the Samos in the year 518 SM. After a few times he/she open school in Croton accepting pupil without differentiating gender. Go to school that become very famous even Pythagoras finally menikah wrongly its one pupil. Picture detailed about Pythagoras do not too clear. Told afterwards, he go to Delos in the year 513 SM to take care of the benefactor at the same time its teacher, Pherekydes. Pythagoras remain to over there until he/she die in the year 475 SM. Sepeninggalnya, go to school the Croton walk the terseok-seok and many internal conflict, but can be continued to walk until 500 SM of before becoming political appliance.
B. Service Pythagoras
Pythagoras even also do not miss from " trap" myth of about number. He teach that: number one to the reason of, number two for the opinion of, number three for the potency of, number four for the justice of, number five for the marriage of, number seven for the secret of healthy always, figure of eight [is] marriage secret. Even number is anomalous number and woman / odd is man. " Bless the us, deity number," is citation from all follower Pythagoras giving special treatment to number empat,"yang create the deity and human being, pregnant holy O Tetraktys grow on and source of creation coming from outside human being.
Number worship of like within reason sorcerer with its crystal ball perhaps - later on day, constitutoing all mathematics after Pythagoras. Utterance Plato " God comprehend the geometry" or citation Galileo " Biggest Book about nature written with the mathematics symbol." [Whether/ what] that the including sorcery or mathematics. clear of mathematics more difficult to be comprehended the.
Mathematics with the near by music once. It is not a wonder if Pythagoras also can become a musicians. myth of Number Pythagoras consisted in to pass the " keajaiban" pentagram. Form the segi-lima which small more and more until takterhingga..
Theorem of following made algebraically, first time we obtain;get the algebra form from trilateral, bujursangkar and clear number segitiga.Secara that trilateral n number , Tn given from quantifying of deret aritmatika.Tn=1+2+3+….+n=n(n+1) / 2 n represent the number bujursangkar.Sn [is] n^2.Teorema is first time formed algebraically that is Sn=N^2=N(N+1)/2+(N-1)N/2=Tn+T_(N-1 , n of pentagon number, Pn also give from amount of deret aritmatika Pn=1+4+7+…..+(3N-2)
= n(3n-1) / 2 = n+ 3n(n-1) / 2
= n+3T_(n-1) this theorem represent the verification theorem.
Closely related with the theorem Pythagoras is determination of integer a,b,c deputizing foot/feet and hypotenuse at trilateral of siku-siku.Suatu tripel from this similar number recognized by tripel is Pythagoras from Plimpton 322 giving evidence assuring that ancient people babilonia know its way the similar tripel.Pengikut-pengikut Pythagoras viewed as inventor of formula M^2+?((M^2-1)/2)?^2=?*((M^2+1)/2)?^2 , by m anomalous number.similar formula to yield tripel Pythagoras( 2m)?^2+?(m^2-1)?^2 by m as even number / have been made for the purpose of same and looked into to come from plato
Pioneer of Mathematics and Greek philosophy is Thales. Born and die in small town of Miletus which is located in Small Asia west coast, a town becoming commerce center. Merchant ship easily sail to Nil in Egypt, while karavan the journey pass the land into the city Babylon. Pendudulk Militus like to [do/conduct] the contact trade with town in Greek and citizen Phoenisia. In this town also represent the meeting place world East And West, and its birth place is Thales. Initially, Thales is a merchant, profession making well-traveled it. In opportunity trade to Egypt and Babilonia at hence governance Nebukadnesar), during spare time, Thales study the astronomy and geometry. This matter [is] triggered [by] a interest [it] that by using ' appliance' the, they earn the memprediksi of sun eclipse every year nya
Theorema Thales

Thales tell the proposisi recognized by theorema is Thales, yaitu:Lingkaran divided by two by line passing its center is so-called by diameter.Besarnya is same trilateral base angle multiply is same of vertical besar.Sudut-sudut is which is formed of two crosscut parallel line by a straight line traverse, is same of besarnya. a couple of its side, a couple of angle;corner which lay by that side and a couple of located angle;corner before that side is of equal size nya, hence that trilateral told is same of sebangun.Segitiga with the pallet known and certain angle;corner applicable to measure the ship distance.
In geometry, he get the appreciation from its invention result as follows 1. A[N circle divided is same by each;every diameter 2. Angle;Corner - base angle from isosceles trilateral same 3. Angle;Corner leave for the back forming by two proportioned line is same 4. Two trilateral is congruent if they have two angle;corner and a same side 5. A angle;corner painted in semicircle a right angle
Euclid can be conceived by a especial mathematics. He is recognized by because its ommission in the form of mathematics masterpiece decanted in book of The Elements very monumental. Fruit think infused a the book make the Euclid considered to be a mathematics teacher during the time and biggest matematikawaan of Greek.
Personal of Euclid described by one who kindhearted, downright, patient and always ready to assist and work along with the others. Many theorema-theorema formulated represent result of previous thinker masterpiece is including Thales, Hippokrates And Pythagoras
Many wrong information about Euclid. There is mentioning that he is child Naucrates which born. Tyre. Other Information tell that in delivering birth true there is same name, Euclid and born in Megara, but that thing [is] happened by 100 year of before birth of Euclid and profession Euclid from Megara is philosopher. Euclid by xself born in Alexandria. Mistake of[is name of this plural happened by because during the period so called many people of Euclid
Masterwork Euclid
The Element can be told by masterpiece fenomenal in those days. Consist of by 13 structured book pursuant to theme and this topic of. Each;Every book of early by difinisi, postulate ( just for book I), preposisi, theorema of before covered with verification by using is mentioned difinisi postulate and. This book out year Greek 1482, translated to Latin and Arab, and also become the textbook of geometry and logic in the early year 1700-an. Outline fill the each book.
Book I : Elementary of geometry: trilateral theory, parallel and wide of
Book II : Geometry Algebra
Book III : Theory of about circle
Book IV : Way of making tortous picture and line
Book V : Theory of about abstraction proportion
Book VI : is same Form and proportion in geometry
Book VII : Elementary of number theory
Book VIII : Continuation Proportion in number theory
Book IX : Number Theory
Book X : Classification
Book XI : Geometry three dimension
Book XII : Measuring forms
Book XIII : Forms Tri-Matra ( three dimension)
Euclid trigger 5 postulate which later;then become the discussion fundamental. In order not to be happened wrong of interpretation, hence fifth postulate is also presented in English. This matter is intended, because appearance of geometry non-Euclidian, blazed the way by Gauss, early by assuming total wrong fifth postulate 1. Straight line can be drawn from ( sembarang) dot until ( other sembarang) dot 2. Tip of straight line can be continued to be continued by as straight line 3. Radian can be drawn from any dot center and with the radius differ 4. All right angle;corner beside the level is equal to other side 5. If straight line cuted in two by a straight line, angle;corner beside in [both/ second] line is same side than two parallel angle;corner, if continued to ( infinite titik), will be proportioned side where its angle;corner is compared to by smaller of angle;corner which is formed of by two line

Source Of :
Howard Eves, 1964.An Introduction to the history of mathematic

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