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sejarah matematika

Tugas Sejarah Matematika

Nama : Dwi Asri Lestari
Nim : 05301244059
Prodi : P.matematika NR‘05C
Ruang : 108 pindah ke ruang sidang lantai 2
Jam : 13.00-14.40

Especial discipline in mathematics relied by a calculation requirement in commerce, measurement of land;ground and memprediksi event in astronomy. Third this requirement in general relate to third the division of public of mathematics area of study about structure, room and change.Study about structure started with the number, very [common/ public] and first is number of natural and integer and operate for the arimetic, all that formulated in elementary algebra. Nature of more circumstantial integer studied in number theory Science about room of early from geometry, that is geometry of Euclid and trig from room three dimension ( what is applicable also to other dimension), latter later;then also generalizing to geometry Non-Euclid playing central role in [common/ public] theory of relativity
Important in area terapan mathematics is statistic, using probability theory as a means of and give that deskripsi, analyse and phenomenon estimate and used in entire/all science. Analyse the number
investigating theory which precisely utilize to solve kinds of problem of mathematics in at number of compute and take the by mistake totally into my report of 1 added by 1 is equal to 10.
Mathematics come from clan foundation consisted of remain to with the meaning sturdy building and walk with the meaning do not visible of the example that is estimologi and source of knowledge.
Mathematics woke up by on the basis of critical idea, mathematics is also looked into by sintetic is apriory with the meaning us not yet seen the the object but have thought.For example, is planet.It is a contradiction with the analytic mathematics opponent with its law is identity
There are expressing that mathematics as language.Many of expert mathematics, for example, expert of theory model in also deepen the philosophy at the opposite of mathematics concepts compromise that any mathematics concepts universally there are in mind of each;every human being.
Become studied in mathematics is various symbol and expression to communicate. For example Javanese verbally give the number symbol 3 by telling " Telu", while in Indonesian, the number is symbol [pass/through] the utterance " Three". This is cause, many expert group the mathematics in Ianguage group, or more generally in group ( alat) communications, non science.
In the eyes of formalis, mathematics is observation of abstraction structure defined axiomatically by using symbolic logic and mathematics notation; there are also other view, for example which discussed by a mathematics philosophy.
Specific structure investigated by mathematics frequently come from natural sciences, and very common in physics, but mathematics also define and investigate the internal structure in itself mathematics, for example, for the generalizing of theory to some sub-field, or appliance assist for the calculation of ordinary. Finally, many mathematics learn the area conducted by them for the cause of just just aesthetic, see hematics as artistic form than as practical science or terapan.
Used by Advanced mathematics of appliance to study various complex physical phenomenon, specially various nature phenomenon perceived, so that structure pattern, change, room and nature of phenomenon can be come near or expressed in a systematic formulation is form and full of various convention, symbol and notation. Result of formulation depicting prilaku or process the the physical phenomenon ordinary referred by a mathematics model from phenomenon

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