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For some students, sometimes, math is seen as a scary thing. If the students are asked about their favorite lesson, there will be only a few of them choose math as their favorite lesson. Besides, some will deliberately say that math is absolutely bored lesson. Contrast with the fact that only a few student like math and some also say math as a bored lesson, still only a few also can deny that math is not hard to be solved.

If math is seen as a lesson which is so scary, so it can be said also that all the components included in math such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and other application theory; are scary also. In fact, all of those components in math are having their own characteristics which different from each other. For example, arithmetic and algebra as a supporting subjects in math. The very simple way to learn arithmetic is counting. And so to Geometry with its interesting ideal things inside .On the other hand, trigonometry is used as the language for its count. While calculus and its application matter such as statistic, chance, a computer language program that it crosses to other part of field of studies that are not as horrified as math.

The way to increase the student’s attention to study math seriously can be done by asking about the student’s good and happy experiences. However, the creativity to learn math is needed and need to be developed even math itself is an exact study. The teacher can give a very attractive way of learning with new sty and performance that interest the students. Later, the students will find the main function of learning math through the lesson that they have learnt.

Knowing the math history is one of the ways to introduce math to the students. The math scientist can give indirect motivation fro the students to learn and to try on learning math. The very best of learning math history is the students will know descriptively about the biography of the math scientist. The understanding of math then shows to the students that math is not so far away from their ordinary world.

Learning the history of math can increase the student’s spirit to solve the problem of socializing in society. Of course, the students will be motivated to learn math. So, the students will not think that math is a hard lesson.

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